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Custom MODIS data service

Even being processed to the standard Level-1B MODIS data are quite complex and inconvenient for the most users interesting in using such information in context of their work. So we also offer customized value-added MODIS data products processed with individually adjusted parameters. Our specialists may help a user  to select desired processing procedures and parameters. Resulting data set (that as a rule has quite small size ) user can remotely access via Internet.

Our value-added products are intended to be

  • fast ready (Products are generated at out DB station immediately after reception from the satelites. Prepared product files are available for download within about one hour.
  • small size (Because of they contain only minimal required spectral and geographical subset of data and because of utilization of appropriate compression technics)
  • ready to use (We take care about all intermediate routine processing steps and offers data which are ready for final analisys. We may apply calibration, geometric transformation, data convertion, calculation of derived quantities like temperatue, SST, NDVI etc)
  • simple to use (We provide data in wide used formats that may be directly used from most popular software packages )

Cost of the custom data service is composed from the constant rate subscription (per week or month), part per each product configuration (i.e. series of data, not the unit of data granule), and part proportional to really downloaded data volume.

Send you inquiries concerning MODIS data service to eostation@scanex.ru

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