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Satellite Image Gallery

Routinely working with the satellite images sometimes we encounter very attractive pictures. And we would  like to show these images to the world. In this gallery we present several hand-picked images of the Earth with interesting content. All the images were acquired and prepared at our station.
Click the thumbnails below to step to the page where you will see the full resolution image.

Cloud patterns

Cyclone over central Russia

Clouds over North sea

Clouds in visible and IR bands

Clouds over Norwegian sea

Clouds over Black sea

Ice and Snow

Ice visible through the cloud cover.
North Kaspy (2004-01-24)

Ice in Kara sea (2003-07-09)

Snow strip

North Kaspy starts get covered
with ice. (2002-12-02)


South East Europe

3D image.Kavkaz.
2002-2011, R&D center ScanEx