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MODIS data >> Sample product files

Here are presented several samples of MODIS product files. You may download it to evaluate data properties and formatting peculiarities.

File File size Description
AM0310151036.pds.zip  127 MB Level-0 MODIS data in PDS (Production Data Set) format. This format is accepted as input to IMAPP software. This sample contains 80 scans (about 2min of swath) acquired on 15th october 2003 over North Europe.
MOD01.A0310151036.hdf.zip  119 MB Level-1A (MOD01) product file containing decomutated sensor counts and telemetry information. This file is obtained from the PDS above with help of IMAPP 's v.1.4 unpack.exe. Data format: HDF.
MOD03.A0310151036.hdf.zip  10 MB MOD03  - geolocation fields (latitude and longitude arrays, sun and sensor angles etc.). Produced with IMAPPW v.1.4. Data format: HDF-EOS
 70 MB
 63 MB
 66 MB
MODIS True-color RGB imageLevel-1B (MOD02) - calibrated radiances. This product is spitted into three separate files by spatial resolutions:
MOD02QKM - 250m/pixel  (only bands 1-2)
MOD02HKM - 500m/pixel (bands 3-7, and 1-2 downsampled to pixel size 500m)
MOD021KM - 1 km (all bands)

Produced with IMAPPW v.1.4.
Data format: HDF-EOS
 1 MB Cloud mask visual pictureDirect Broadcast cloud mask produced with IMAPP Level-2 code. Cloud mask is presented as 48bit/pixel array, interpretation of particular bits is described at MODIS atmosphere site. The archive contains both cloudmask and QA files. Pay attention that in contrast to standard MOD35 product these are stored as a raw byte arrays with ENVI headers.
GIF image is a graphical extraction of fields of different clear sky confidence levels.
 1.9 MB Institutional Level-2 MOD35 cloud mask product. Generated with PGE03. Contains similar 48bit cloud mask but is formatted as HDF-EOS.
 950 kB
 300 kB
Snow mask sampleSnow mask (MOD10) Institutional product sample. Contains snow mask at 500m resolution. MOD10L2C is a coarse resolution (5km) granule. Format: HDF-EOS.
MODVI.A0310151036.hdf.zip   "Rapid Response" NDVI product. Contains arrays of EVI and NDVI indexes at spatial resolution 250m. Data format: HDF.


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