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EOStation - Earth Observation Station

This site is a Web-interface to the EOS Direct Broadcast Satellite Ground Station operated by R&D center ScanEx. This is a complex of state of the art software and hardware equipment bound together in order to receive, process and directly distribute to users data from the Earth observation satellites.

From this entry page you may go to the following sections:

  • Schedule - up-to-date schedule of satelite passes and other operational information. 
  • MODIS Data - access to routinely processed and archived MODIS image data.
  • Custom Service - customized MODIS data products service, description and product samples.
  • Under the Hood  - description of the station internals. Find how does it work !
  • Software - free software tools and sample data available for download from this site
  • Image Gallery - our collection of best featured images
  • Contact us - how to contact EOStation team and ScanEx.
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